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Application Development

Akaal WebSoft Pvt. Ltd. is an Application Development India company with its focus on Web Application Development and Implementation SERVICES has served global clients with customized product and IT support to achieve their business goals successfully. Our state of the art development centers in India are fully equipped to deliver multiple application development projects at any given point of time.
Akaal WebSoft Pvt. Ltd. focuses on client's application requirement and thereon starts all necessary procedures starting with planning, developing, testing and finally implementing the required application. Our expertise in Web Application Development helps our clients with a longer shelf life of application with minimum maintenance and support requirement.
Process of Web Application Development :
1. Understanding the Client
The first building block is to understand the clients business and get in-depth knowledge of both technical and commercial aspects. Our team, a pool of well educated and qualified personal gives great importance to this step.
2. Pilot Run
It is a thumb rule to make mistakes early than later in the project. All applications to be developed are done with clients' confidence and moved ahead only after clients' approval. At this stage a proposal with all costs included is sent to freeze the project.
3. Development
The Project Manager takes charge from here. The development team under the project manager will start the development according to the plan finalized.
4. Updating
We submit weekly reports of the work done and hence plan next week accordingly.
5. Completion and Testing
This is the last phase where in it is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure timely completion of the project and test the same to minimize the bugs and deliver the quality developed application to the client.